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Full Remodels:
Sometimes, only starting over will do. Often, this is to allow for better flow within the current space but may involve expanding the bath space as well. A Full Remodel may mean a change to the layout of the space, or you may put everything back into the same location, but you are touching and updating every part of the space. 

Whether you need to replace your current tub with something basic for the kids or something more elaborate and luxurious for yourself, or you are replacing the shower walls but need to keep the existing tub, the Bathtub Remodel service has you covered. Choose this service when the scope of work focuses on the wet space with minimal impact to other areas of the bathroom. 

Whether due to necessity or just personal preference, updating the shower space is another popular service. The shower remodel service is used when we are not changing the location of the shower, but we could be making some changes to the size and almost always to the style.

Tub to Shower Conversion – Converting a tub/shower combo to a shower only.
Shower to Tub Conversion – Converting a shower only to a tub/shower combo.



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